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The Radiograph

The Radiograph

Tune in to an ever-changing collection of audio dramas, radio plays, and sonic experiments.

Never Stop

Never Stop

A hallucinatory short film inspired by the bizarre worlds and methods of William S. Burroughs.

Originally an experimental stage play, Never Stop took on a life of its own. After a staged reading, a small team of artists came together to produce the piece as a short film. It took an Indiegogo campaign, four years of setbacks, and a lot of talented and generous people donating their time and creative energy to make this happen.

You can watch the film below.

Starring Luke Rampersad, Brionne Davis, Kimberly Alexander, and Chad Eschman.

Production design: Matthew Johns
Editor: Bryan Colvin
Director of Photography: Julia Swain
Written by: Chad Eschman
Directed by: Nell Teare

Produced by Kimberly Alexander, Chad Eschman, and Luke Rampersad.

Darkness Comes Alive

Darkness Comes Alive

An off-the-map audio tour of the Lili Lakich Neon Art Studio.

Enter a world of shadowy cults and neon light, hidden in the Arts District. Based on the works of renowned neon artist Lili Lakich, this genre-bending audio tour might make you question your mortality…and what lies beyond.

Darkness Comes Alive was first performed June 30 – July 14, 2018.

Explore the Lili Lakich Studio

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Darkness Comes Alive


Gravity-bending earthquakes, mysterious submarines, and a live radio broadcast. It's a party for the end of the world...if you believe it.

Nautapocalypse was performed at now-shuttered Iron Triangle Brewery in 2017.

Darkness Comes Alive


Trap Street is multi-media performing arts collective.

We take you on immersive adventures. We blur the lines between fiction and reality. We show you secrets that aren't on any map.

What is a trap street?

A cartographer’s trademark to catch copycats. Sometimes it was a nonexistent street. Sometimes it was a series of bends, connections, or distortions that only the mapmaker could detect as trickery.

For us, it's an invitation. And maybe a little bit of trickery.

Darkness Comes Alive


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